Embarking on a big trip may feel like an uphill journey, but here are a 5 Top Tips to help turn it into an adventure!
  1. Plan, plan and plan some more ..... and ignore your plan if it goes wrong. Planning can help you get the most out of your holiday, particularly if you want to do lots of sight-seeing. However, if it goes wrong, go to Plan B: "que sera sera"
  2. Hide some extra cash for use in EMERGENCIES only. That way you won't panic if you can't find an ATM. Just make sure you top it up if you use it.
  3. Say Hello to people! Go on, be brave. You've no idea what doors it could open if you do.
  4. Take lots of photos, or write a blog - then back it up! Always lovely to look back at your photos and even better if you've been able to write about your thoughts, feelings and those silly stories that you're sure you'll remember, but never do.
  5. Pack ear plugs. My personal favourite! Always find it hard to sleep on planes, trains, automobiles and even in comfy hotel beds, so earplugs are an essential unless you want to be grumpy for your entire holiday
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